FSO joins call for Ceasefire in Israel and Palestine

Today, the Executive Board of the Field Staff Organization voted unanimously to join other principled actors in the US labor movement to call for a ceasefire in Israel/Palestine. As staff of the largest union in New England, every day we work and organize for the life and dignity of working class people. Our movement believes in the political, economic, and human rights of all people and that is what calls us to demand the following:

Basic human rights of people must be restored. Water, fuel, food, and other humanitarian aid must be allowed into Gaza, power must be restored, and foreign nationals and Palestinians requiring medical care must be allowed out of Gaza.

Palestinians have the right to live free of military occupation.

The Israeli hostages taken by Hamas must be immediately released. Both Hamas and Israel must adhere to standards of international law and Geneva Convention rules of warfare concerning the welfare and security of civilians.

There must be a ceasefire in Gaza. The cycle of violence must stop so that negotiations for an enduring peace proceed.

The U.S. must act. We call on President Biden to immediately call for a ceasefire.

If you are a member of another union or organization of working people, you can use this link to have your organization sign on to this letter. https://secure.everyaction.com/w1qW7B3pek2rTtv9ny5bqw2

In Massachusetts, the following unions have called for a ceasefire: 

Massachusetts Teachers Association – 116,000 members – https://massteacher.org/news/2023/11/ceasefire

Western Mass Area Labor Federation – 50,000 workers – https://www.wamc.org/news/2023-11-15/50-000-union-workers-of-the-western-mass-area-labor-federation-call-for-ceasefire-in-gaza?_amp=true

SEIU 509 – 20,000 members – https://twitter.com/SEIU509/status/1724598473465450671

Boston Teachers Union – 10,000+ members – https://secure.everyaction.com/w1qW7B3pek2rTtv9ny5bqw2

Harvard Graduate Student Union (UAW) – 5,000 members – https://www.thecrimson.com/article/2023/11/13/hgsu-bds-statement

Malden Education Association – 800 members – https://m.facebook.com/MaldenEducationAssociation/

Faculty Staff Union at Umass Boston – https://www.fsu.umb.edu/content/faculty-staff-union-mourns-loss-life-israel-and-palestine