Stipends and other cash benefits

Electric Vehicle Stipend

A one-time stipend of $1,500 for the purchase of a car that qualifies under the MOREV program.  Simply submit this form and supporting documentation once you’ve confirmed that your car is compliant.  

Multi Language Stipend

If you are fluent in a non-English language, email to request an annual $1,000 stipend.  Be aware that you may be requested to utilize your language skills in the course of your duties, such as assisting in facilitation of organizing meetings and conversations.  One notable exception, is that members availing themselves of this benefit CANNOT be asked to translate documents.

Student Loan Forgiveness

Once the MTA secures a plan to comply with ERISA, members may submit documentation through the expense reimbursement system for this benefit.  The benefit is $200/month and runs from December 1, 2023 through December 31, 2025.  The code for submission under Misc is 160-5260-00.  Once able to submit these expenses, the benefit will go back retroactively to December 1, 2023 if desired.